This Old House

this_old_house_logoOne of my favorite shows growing up (and still is today) is the PBS show, ‘This Old House’.  What I love about the show is they take old, dilapidated buildings and restore them to a better-then-original state.  When you think about it, that’s basically what the gospel is all about.  It’s the redemption of the muck and mire of mankind.

Redemption is such a fascinating concept.  God takes something that is ugly and useless and makes it not only valuable but prized.  That is God’s desire for each of us.  Just like Norm Abram looks at a house, when God looks at us He doesn’t see our failures and mistakes, He sees our potential.  He see what could be.  But with any renovation there is a cost.  Our cost for redemption is surrender.  Giving up our approach to living for a much more beautiiful and beneficial life.

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  1. Wow, how true, I cant help but notice that the word Surrender jumps out. I do truly believe that it does come at a cost and the cost to me are the things of this world. It says that you must die daily to me sacrifice jumps out cause to die daily is a true sacrifice. This helped me do to the part of that God looks at us but sees the beauty in the house US! and not all the wear and tear that we have put on are soul. Just like the house that is worn out u think wow there is no fixing this. Well like the guy from this old house he already new what your blueprints are. thank you


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