Community-Driven Ministry

Our church planting network here in Pittsburgh (MCM) is one of community-driven churches.  That’s our passion.  It’s not finding the growing edge or the most affluent community to start a church.  We strive to find hurting, depressed communities that need Jesus and start a church in the middle of it all. Because of the need that is so often represented in our communities, it is very important that our church plants are community-driven.

Community-driven ministry is one that places a high priority on the needs of the community.  One of the major keys for a church is to have a proper perspective of its community.  A church that sees its neighborhood through a lens of frustration rather then one of potential won’t last very long.  It’s important to see your community as a priority, not a liability. God has placed churches and people in communities to help meet needs and show compassion.  The ultimate goal of a community-driven church is to provide ministry from the community to the community. Raising up insiders, community residents, to minister to each other.  If your a pastor and see your community as a liability, I encourage you to do one of two things:

  1. Pray for God to give you a burden for your community; or
  2. Pray that God will lead you to a community that you can have a burden for.

What are you doing to reach your community?  Do you view your community as a liability or as a priority?

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  1. I’m just scanning the site too quickly. The information I’ve seen appears solid though so it would be nice to see, thanks for sharing this beautiful information.


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