Ministry on the Public School Campus

This past week I spoke in the MCM Ministry School on the topic of ‘Getting a Presence on the Public School Campus’ as a youth pastor. In youth ministry, this is probably the one topic I enjoy teaching/talking about the most. Here’s my general notes

  • Laws
    • Ministry can be done freely as long as it is:
      • Student-Led
      • Does not infringe on the learning process
    • Equal Access Act of 1984
      • Activity cannot be restricted based on religious affiliation.
      • If activity/access is given to one group/club, it must be given to all groups/clubs.
  • Make your presence known on the campus by…

    • Serving
      • Volunteering at school activities
      • Providing services to teachers/administrators
    • Being on campus
      • Bible clubs
      • School Assemblies
    • Building key relationships
      • Administrators
      • Teachers
      • Coaches
    • Have school-geared activities
      • Sports
        • Fifth Quarters
        • Contests (Hamburger-Eating Contests)
      • School Plays
        • Providing meals or gifts to school play participants
      • Clubs/Organizations
        • Partnering with service organizations for projects

Have something quality to invite them to.

  • Your goal is not to simply be popular on the campus, but to connect students to Christ.
  • At some point in youth ministry you have to cross the line of just being ‘buddies’ with students to helping them experience Christ.

Anything you would add?

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