The Three Amigos

Brian Bolt | Greg Krowitz | Rich Jones
Brian Bolt | Greg Krowitz | Rich Jones

Earlier this week I happened to have our three most recent church planters in my office and snapped this picture. What a great group of guys! Here’s a little update on these church planters and their churches:

  • Brian Bolt, Pittsburgh City Outreach: PCO was chosen by the Penn-Del Ministry Network as one of two church planting projects this year. Because of that, Brian has been busy this month traveling and telling the story of PCO raising additional support to renovate the building they were recently given.
  • Greg Krowitz, BridgePoint Church: BPC celebrated their one-year anniversary this past Sunday. It was an incredible service as they celebrated this past year with a packed boxing gym! Continue to pray for them as they are currently looking for a more permanent facility to hold services in.
  • Rich Jones, Element Church: Element Church will hold their first monthly service in about a month (April 19) in Millvale. Keep them in prayer as they go through their monthly services in April, May, June & July and gear up for their grand opening on August 16!

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