Putting Together a Launch Team: Who?

Continuing my post from yesterday on assembling a launch team. Today, I’d like to move pass the question of ‘What?’ and move onto ‘Who?’

Now that you have identified the key roles, now comes the tough part – finding the right people to fill those roles.

  • John Maxwell, “Those closest to a leader will determine the success level of that leader.”

  • Write down each of the key roles you’re looking to fill & list names under each of them. As you might hear in a church planting boot camp, don’t role anyone out. List 3-4 for people you might consider for each role.

    • There are different areas you can look:

      • These can be people you’ve known in ministry
      • People you’re familiar with through your own network of relationships
      • People from sponsoring churches
      • Students at credible ministry schools, colleges or seminaries
  • Wherever you find them, make sure you get the right people not just the available people.

    • Having the wrong people in roles can cause double the work, and instead of being a catalyst in the launching of your church, they can become a barrier to your growth and effectiveness.
    • Your ability to have a clear vision for you church will help you identify who the right people are.
    • Jim Collins states in Good to Great: “…people are not your most important asset, the right people are.”
  • Be careful not to simply bring people onto your team that you know. You want to bring the right people onto your team.
    • Having the right people will save you frustration in the long run.

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