Putting Together a Launch Team: How?

The final component to recruiting a launch team is making the ask.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to make the ask:

  • Whether you’re going to be paying them or not, you are not asking them to make a sacrifice,  you are giving them an opportunity to join you in transforming a community.

  • If you begin a recruiting conversation with an apology, you’ve just lost them.

  • Your perspective must be to communicate your vision clearly and ask them to be a part of your team.
    • It’s not simply to serve in a role, but to be a part of something bigger.

A few recruiting tips:

  • Lead with vision, not ‘the ask. Help people grasp your vision before you ask them to join it.
    • One of the best ways to do this is through stories.  It helps put a face to your vision.  Share testimonies or hypothetical situations of residents in your target community.
    • You want people to relate and connect with the problems you are trying to solve.
  • Once you’ve communicated clear vision, communicate the team role you would like them to serve in.
    • Be clear in your expectations
    • Let them see how that role will help in accomplishing the vision.
  • Finish with a ‘Imagine If’ vision.
    • Give them a mental picture of what their efforts will do in changing a community/city.
    • “Imagine if you were in this role…”

3 thoughts on “Putting Together a Launch Team: How?

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  1. Great thoughts Nick! I am right in the middle of this process myself. We have about 25 on our launch team, but we still need a worship & children’s director. This was a really helpful series!


  2. Thanks,i didnt have much info.was stuck,how.You post have helped greatly.I started 3yrs ago,i failed.This one is a rebirth,wish to start a fellowship,then open up eventually in 3months.
    Challenge i payd rent for 3months,i have one month to start recruit,start fellowship,train,look for rent.
    This job is alonely one,especially after failling first,but i will succeed this time.
    The church is to be in an expensive part of our city Kampala,Uganda,EastAfrica,we hold an office here(recruitment centre).
    I will need you prayer,support,and encouragement.Thanks Hoooa!


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