Man Up!

I have often found myself and others standing in the face of a mistake or failure spouting all kinds of valid and even understandable excuses for their results.  It’s human nature to find understanding in failure, but it’s even more innate in us to push blame off of ourselves. We see this in the earliest pages of scripture as Adam was quick to blame Eve for his mistake of eating the forbidden fruit.  We often do this because we want to be viewed as a success – as being one that is above mistakes.  The problem is when we do that, we also place ourselves above the lessons that could be learned in that failure/mistake.

Chances are really good that you’re going to make a mistake today. I don’t say that to be negative or pessimistic, but it’s reality.  When that happens, I challenge you to ‘man up’.  Don’t be quick to blame or offer up some beautiful excuses on a platter, take responsibility and identify the lesson that can be learned. Although this is more painful, in the long run you and those you work with will be better for it.

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