Solutions and Not Additions

In recent years, church planting has shifted from a calling that is avoided to one that is desired and celebrated.  Because of this shift, you now see growing communities being saturated, and sometimes over-saturated, with new churches.  Now I agree that as long as a community has non-Christians, it could still use a new church, but when an over-saturation occurs, I would question the need.  Along those lines, here are a few thoughts.

As a church planter begins the process to launch a new church, they should not strive to be an addition to the community but a solution.  Communities don’t need more churches added, but they have more problems that need solutions.  If you are in this process, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the solution my church is providing the community?
  • If I don’t plant this church, what problem will go unmet in my community?
  • What need will my new church meet that no other church is meeting effectively?

For a new church to be successful, you have to know what sets you apart & what you are called to do.

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