Health & Longevity in Ministry

In our MCM Pastor’s Meeting today we discussed such a valuable topic in ministry: how to be healthy and survive in ministry for the long hall.  Here are a few thoughts that were shared:

  • Be careful not to over-analyze criticism.  If left on it’s own, this can develop into paranoia.
  • Don’t be too happy when people come, and don’t be too sad when people leave.
  • Spend valuable time with God that is completely unrelated to ministry.  Just spend time to hear from God for you, not just for your ministry.
  • Be intentional about managing your time and schedule.  Take breaks and realize you’re not a machine.

2 thoughts on “Health & Longevity in Ministry

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  1. Nick, Really good blog. What you wrote some very valuable and real life comments aboout longevity in Ministry. I have experienced what you said.


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