Dear G20…

Dear G20 Participants and Protesters,

Welcome!  It is a pleasure to have you in our wonderful city!!  We as a city do not take the privilege of hosting this Summit lightly.  Hundreds, if not thousands, have been praying for these two days of decision. Here are a few items we have been praying for…

We pray…

  • …your stay is not only profitable, but full of the wisdom and favor of God.
  • …your agendas will be ones that glorify God and are for the good of His creation, most notably mankind.
  • …for the protection of all our guests this week, both those here with good motives, and not-so-good.
  • …that during your stay here,  you will see that even in the most difficult times there is hope.
  • …your return home in a few days will be one of positive reflection and excitement toward the future.
  • …for you, the protester – that wisdom will rest upon you as your voice is heard in a peaceable manner.
  • …that the watching world will see more than just a city rising from despair, but a city awakening to a loving God.
  • …for the nation you have come from – that the leaders and citizens will know the blessings of God.
  • …for you, the Pittsburgh resident – that your eyes will be opened to the true privilege it is to live in such a great city!

Through all our prayers for you our guest, know that we value you and appreciate the platform we as a city have been given.  May your stay be full of joy, achievement and the blessings of God afforded to this great nation!

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