Dr. Jim Marocco – The Power of Binding & Loosing

Here are notes from Dr. Jim Marocco’s 2nd session on the topic of “The Power of Binding & Loosing”.

Matthew 16 & 18

What is the relationship between heaven and earth?

  • The center of God’s economy is people.
  • Whatever God is going to do on earth will be done through people.

Seven Ways the Church Should Be Binding & Loosing

  1. Proclamation – proclaiming the gospel.
  2. Praise – the number one desire of Satan is to rob praise from God.
  3. Promises – God’s promises are true and you can take those to the bank.
  4. Purity – impurity will rob you from God’s plan.
  5. Prayer – preachers don’t pray enough in America.
  6. Personal – the power of the church is in relationships.
  7. Presence – we need to the presence of God to show up when we gather.

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