Relational Health

I have a confession:  I’m a workaholic.  If that’s you, then this post if for you.

As workaholics, we can often push aside healthy habits for the sake of ‘getting the job done’. In society, health has become a popular subject.  We are told to watch what we eat, start working out and live a more balanced life.  So often we work hard to maintain a fairly healthy life.  We work to achieve physical health my eating right and maintaining a workout routine.  We work to achieve spiritual health my being faithful in the spiritual disciplines of prayer and the study of scripture, among others.

One of the areas we workaholics can often fail in, though, is in the area of our social health. Although eating healthy is important and our relationship with God is paramount, I believe our spiritual health will speak a lot to not only our physical health, but also our ability to put our spiritual health into practice.  With this said, here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have a healthy network of relationships in your life?
  • Are you finding yourself isolated or investing in relationships?
  • How are you working to be a friend to someone else?

If you would identify yourself as a workaholic I want to challenge you, especially through Christmas and New Year’s, to take a break from the work and invest in someone else.  Bring your social health into the picture and work hard to build around you a healthy network of relationships.  Because in the end, we are relational beings created by a relational God.

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