Pastor Russ Horne – Sharpsburg “Citizen of the Year”

Yesterday morning I was attending the Sunday service at one of our MCM church plants, Sharpsburg Family Worship CenterWhile I was there, I had the privilege to see the lead pastor, Russ Horne, awarded the community “Citizen of the Year” award.

The officials from the local community organization that awarded Russ this honor commented to the congregation about why they  had chosen him.  They mentioned that as they were deciding who would be most worthy of this award, they came to the realization that the person behind each of the biggest and most impacting community activities in Sharpsburg was Pastor Russ Horne and Sharpsburg Family Worship Center. What a tribute of what it means to be salt and light in the world!!

SFWC was planted 10 years ago last month and hold numerous annual outreaches into the community.  They see over 2,000 people each year at their easter egg hunt and hundreds come out for other outreaches they do each year.  Seeing Pastor Russ receive this recognition really drove home the impact that can be made in a community when a church and pastor are willing to love a community and not give up when it gets tough!

For more info on Sharpsburg Family Worship Center, you can visit their website at

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