Your Life Mission

A few months ago, I attended a smaller conference that featured an author named Tim Elmore.  He spoke about the idea of having a life sentence that essentially communicates your life’s mission.  What will some day be written on your gravestone? Stephen Covey talks about the idea of “beginning with the end in mind.” Why not live your life with the end in mind?

As we start a new year, this is always a good time to evaluate and even establish what that mission is. Not necessarily specifically, because our specific expressions of that mission change over time, but what will your life be remembered for?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself in discovering this mission:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you do that brings you the most joy and fulfillment?
  • What do you excel at and gain recognition now for?

I’ve done a lot of thinking and praying on this idea and here is what I would hope my life sentence to be:

“He made those around him better by bringing solutions to the problems life presented.”

What about you?  What do you hope to one day be written on your gravestone?

2 thoughts on “Your Life Mission

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  1. Nick, your life is going to have a lot better meaning than that. You have done a lot for a lot of people, not just solutions but have impacted so many people.


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