Sermon Sunday – Jentezen Franklin

Below is an excerpt of a message by Jentezen Franklin, lead pastor of Free Chapel in Gainsville, GA & Orange County, CA.  He’s one of the best modern-day spirit-filled preachers.  The message addresses the idea that God wants to do great things and it just takes some faith.  If you’re looking to take on some ‘giants’ in your life, take heart, God is on your side!

6 thoughts on “Sermon Sunday – Jentezen Franklin

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  1. i like what you have to say, when it comes to God you speak from the bible
    i can always go back, and read it,,alot of people cant preach like that so i know its a gift,, god bless you plum from md


  2. You are a messenger from the Most High God, Jehovah, all of your messages bring deliverance to my life and I know also to others, PREACH, PASTOR FRANKLIN PREACH.


  3. I don’t get a chance to listen to you often, but I recently heard your sermon about Propped up on the leaning side. I personally thought it was the best sermon I have ever heard you preach. I sure needed it that day. Thank You and God Bless You.


  4. Thank God for such a man. JF really preach from the throne room of our good God. I am often bless by the sermon JF preaches. I know God send you here to reveal his heart.


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