I’m Going to Haiti

In about a month and a half I’ll be flying with a team of 25 people from Allison Park Church to the nation of Haiti. What’s amazing is this trip has been planned for a number of months and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  We have the opportunity to make an incredible impact in a place that has been so devastated.  One of my strong beliefs is that where there is great need, there should be great service from God’s people.

As millions are praying and supporting various quality organizations and campaigns to provide support to the nation of Haiti, I have two simple requests of my blog readers:

  1. Please keep our team in prayer. This trip is not going to be an easy one by any means.  It’s going to be a stretch for us all both physically and spiritually.  This is not a ‘I hope you prayer for us’, but a ‘we really need you to pray for us’.  And please don’t just pray for us, but pray for the people of Haiti.  God will do more with His people on the ground in Haiti as His people are on their knees in America.
  2. As you could imagine, this trip is not a cheap one.  I would feel so honored if you could pray about financially supporting either my trip personally or our team. We each have to raise $1500 for this trip, and when you multiply that by 25 people, that’s a whole lot of money.  As you pray, if you feel led to support myself or our team, you can do so in one of two ways:
    • Give Online Here*
    • Mail in support to the address below*:
      • Allison Park Church
        2326 Duncan Ave.
        Allison Park, PA 15101
*If you are giving support for my personal trip (and I would so appreciate that!), make sure you put “Nick Poole 0310-Haiti-24” either in the Designation Box online or the Memo Line on your check.

5 thoughts on “I’m Going to Haiti

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  1. Hey nick,

    jut wondering if you are talking anyone else with you at all… i am looking to go to Haiti to contribute to the cause in some way or form… if not i might have a team develop behind me to go but i need help to figure out the details to do that.

    thanks bro


  2. I just dont ubderstand why you people all want to go bother us for. just remember one thing, we Haitians will submit to NO ONE.


  3. Rose,
    Our goal and desire is in no way to be a bother, but a help. We’re not looking to have you submit, just to be a blessing to the people of Haiti during this difficult time!! If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let me know!


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