The Opportunity of Your Relational Stage

In my small group last night, we were talking about the idea of trusting God in your current season of life.  This can be such an impacting idea if we could just get our minds around.

We all go from season to season experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly.  Tonight we focused specifically on relationships, and when it comes to different aspects of our lives, relationships can be one of the most obvious.  Whether we’re single, dating, married, or have kids, they have such a huge impact on our perspective and ability to do different things.

In each of these ‘relational stages’, we are presented with obstacles that can seem so overwhelming. Maybe as a single person you sense an inability to relate with your married friends.  As a married person, you miss some of the freedom that comes with singleness.  Whatever the stage, there are always obstacles.  Things that seemingly hold us back from all we desire to experience.  Along with those obstacles, though, comes unique opportunities. Opportunities that could not be explored in any other stage of life.  Imagine trying to pack up all your things and spend 3 months serving in an orphanage in Southern India when you’re married.  Or imagine trying to relate and minister to a small group of preschool mom’s as a single girl.  Every stage is unique and allows for unique experiences.

With this said, understanding the ‘relational stage’ you find yourself in, what opportunities can you explore now that you could not be done in any other stage?  How is God calling you to trust Him in this stage to do what couldn’t be done at any other time?

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