Never Eat Alone

I’m currently reading a great book on networking by Keith Ferrazzi called “Never Eat Alone”. Aside from the fact that he’s originally from the same hometown I am (Latrobe, PA), he presents some incredible thoughts on being a connector and networker.  Here’s a short excerpt:

From my earliest days growing up in Latrobe, I found myself absorbing wisdom and advice from every source imaginable – friends, books, neighbors, teachers, family.  My thirst to reach out was almost unquenchable.  But in business, I found nothing came close to the impact of mentors.  At every stage in my career, I sought out the most successful people around me and asked for their help and guidance…

…Later in life, as I rubbed shoulders with business leaders, store owners, politicians, and movers and shakers of all stripes, I started to gain a sense of how our country’s most successful people reach out to others, and how they invite those people’s help in accomplishing their goals.

I learned that real networking was about finding ways to make other people more successful.  It was about working hard to give more than you get.

How are you at networking?  Are you selfish or selfless when connecting with others?

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