My Friends. My Heroes.

I am blessed with some amazing friends and I want to take a moment to tell you about two of them that are preparing to do something great for the Kingdom of God! Both of these guys are incredibly talented, and there is no doubt have great things in store for their future!  My purpose in sharing them with you is very simple:  They are both more then just friends, they are missionaries on the front lines of ministry, and therefore have to raise significant financial support to support themselves, their families, and their ministry.  Here’s a quick description of what they do and how you can support them:


Pete and his wife Whitney, are co-pastors of a new church that has started up in Topeka, KS, Mission Hill Church. It’s a church geared toward reaching young adults of the growing city of Topeka.  They have been seeing some incredible things happening at the church, but what has been most encouraging to me is to see two friends who have moved to Topeka completely on faith knowing that the place where God calls, He also provides.

Pete is an incredibly talented young man that graduated from Central Bible College in 2007.  He has such a big heart for people and seeing people connect to Christ that I know Topeka is never going to be the same!!  If you’d be interested in supporting Pete & Whitney financially or praying for them, here’s a few quick links:


Jeff is a U.S. Missionary to Berkeley, California and will be an Associate Pastor at the soon-to-launch, 360 Church in Berkeley. He graduated from Central Bible College in 2009 and will be working with author and professor, Earl Creps.  Berkeley is seen by many to be the picture of what will be in our world.

While still in college he felt a passion growing inside  to influence not just people… but the people who influence society as a whole. Influencing the influencers.  He is helping to plant this church because UC Berkeley is rated the top public university in the world… the best of the best.  It is where the future is created.  What if these creative people met with their creator?  What if these guaranteed world changers changed the world knowing the living God?  How would our world be different? God has already begun to do some great things through Jeff in Berkeley and I know it’s only the beginning!  If you’re interested in supporting them or getting more info about Jeff, here’s a couple links:

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  1. I like your thoughts on friendship. I’ve met most of my close, lifelong friends at college. It was super easy to make friends there because we were all living together and didn’t have too much going on in our lives.


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