New Book: Stoked

A good friend of mine, Daniel Day, has just released his first book entitled, Stoked.  It’s a dynamic book that challenges students attending Christian colleges to maintain their fire for God!  Here’s a short excerpt:

As I consider my own journey through Christian college, full-time ministry, and life, as well as the journey of those biblical examples discussed in this book, there are seven strategies that will help us achieve our ultimate objective of keeping our passion for God.

  1. Extraordinary Faith: How would you like to receive a full ride scholarship to college? I am sure you would have been just as excited as I was when I received mine. Find out what God taught me about faith when my scholarship was unexpectedly taken from me.
  2. A Powerful Prayer Life: You will expect to develop and discover many sets of skills on your way through school. Some of those skills you will have already known and others will be discovered along the way. In this chapter you will see how a seemingly unimportant talent became the catalyst for a strong prayer life.
  3. Godly Friendships: If you have not discovered this already, you will soon find that not everyone attending your school is living for Christ. In this chapter, see how a poor choice of friendships destroyed my friend’s passion for God and turned him from the call on his life.
  4. Personal Investment: The evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that those who succeed in college, ministry, and life are those who attain these two parts of the mentorship process: having a mentor and being a mentor. The active participation in the work of the Lord serves to both kindle and keep our passion for God white hot.
  5. Resisting Temptation: This chapter will show you that one of the greatest temptations you will face in college will come disguised as “God’s will,” but if you succumb to this trap of the enemy, you will find yourself anywhere but in God’s will. You will read as I share with you one of the greatest failures of my entire college career and how God used that failure to teach me a very difficult lesson.
  6. Never Selling Out: We are nothing without integrity. If we compromise our name, our word, and our character, we have nothing. In chapter 6 you will discover how hard it is to fight the temptation to play the political game of ministry. There is a great peace that comes when you have risen on the promotion of God and not the politics of man.
  7. Reflecting All Glory To Jesus Christ: True character is revealed not only in how we handle failure, but also in how we handle success.  What do we do when people lift us up and give us the credit for something that only God can do? Those who keep their raw and unaltered love for God know that they must always point back to the ONE who enables their effectiveness in the ministry.

You can read more about the book or purchase it at

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