The Proposal – Part 2 (The Pictures)

Heidi did a great job describing the incredible night we were engaged in my previous post.  Below is a small glimpse into that night, with a short journey through the night in pictures.  It was a night of joy and tears (the good kind)…I feel so blessed to get to marry such an amazing girl!

(Special thanks to Drew Horne, Brian Lippert and Rich Jones for taking pictures and capturing video of this exciting night!)

This is the beginning of the carriage ride at PPG Plaza in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Heidi and I riding through the streets of Pittsburgh in the carriage.

Our friend, Sarah Calcara, giving Heidi her first 3 roses.

Our friend, Dawn Meling, giving Heidi her 3 roses.

Our friend, Pam Mikec, waiting for the carriage to stop to give Heidi her 3 roses.

Just after our friend, Shelley Allen, gave Heidi her roses and right before our friends, Sarah & Justin Liptak, gave Heidi their roses.

Here are the final set of roses waiting for Heidi and I to arrive at the outlook on Mt. Washington.

Here’s a close-up of the roses and rose petals.

Heidi and I finally arrived.  Here we are chitchatting away!

Here’s a good shot of the view we had from our outlook…not too bad!

Yes, that’s me down on one knee proposing to Heidi!

Here’s the big proposal moment…Heidi said yes!

2 thoughts on “The Proposal – Part 2 (The Pictures)

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  1. seriously why do you have to make me CRY?!?!? LOL

    What an absolute beautiful proposal Nick!! So absolutely precious. What great friends you have to come and help you capture this moment.

    Heidi, you have one special boy there. Nick has always been such a great friend. I’m excited to meet you and see you become Mrs. Nick Poole.


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