Lessons Learned from Planning a Wedding (Part 1) – The Power of Priorities

For the last few months, I have embarked on a journey like none I have walked before.  Heidi is such an amazing woman of God and I am continually impressed with her strength and encouragement.  As we have walked this path of planning out our wedding there are numerous things we have both learned.  Over the next few posts, I wanted to post some lessons I’ve learned already over these last few months (although I know there will be many more to come!).  These are lessons that I’ve been reminded of or have learned through the process of planning the wedding with Heidi, but apply to life and leadership.  So with that said, here is Lesson #1: Pay attention to your priorities.

I know that sounds so basic, but it so often gets lost in the mix.  We get wrapped up in getting this or that done, and we forget why we originally started a task or project.  It’s not about finishing the job (although that is usually important), it’s about finishing the project with your priorities still in tact. Regardless of what you’re doing, there will always be elements working against your priorities.  You will be given numerous opportunities to compromise your priorities or choose an ‘easier route’ to your established goal.  The means to the end are not the goal, the end is the goal.  As a pastor, leader, or whatever role you may serve in, you need to continually remind yourself of these questions:

  • What are my personal priorities?  Am I living those out or are they just words on a page?
  • What are the priorities for the organization/ministry I lead?  Do those I lead, know those priorities?
  • What am I doing to strengthen and maintain my priorities?

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