Calvary’s Core Values – Pursuing God’s Presence

Values are so important in any organization.  They clarify how you do what you do.  Being a pastor, they bring incredible clarity and understanding behind everything our church does.  And over the next several posts, I’m going to be explaining each of our vaimgres2lues, and what it looks like in our little corner of God’s kingdom that we like to call Calvary.

To understand our values, you have to first understand the mission behind them.  At Calvary, we are passionate about one thing:  Leading people into an overflowing life with Christ.  We strive to do this by providing environments and opportunities for people to:

  • Experience God.
  • Embrace Life.
  • Express Love.

And this is where our values come in.  While each of these steps are valuable, clarifying our values defines more specifically how we feel called as a church to do those very things.  Over the next several weeks, I’ll be breaking down each of our values, and what they look like at Calvary.

This week, we’re going to start with one of the most important values at Calvary:  Pursuing God’s Presence

We believe strongly that:  Pursuing God’s presence precedes all that we do.  That doesn’t mean that all we do is worship, but it means that we worship in all we do.  To miss this point is to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as a followers of Christ, which is to ultimately worship and glorify God.  As a church, we don’t want to simply provide “4 steps to a better life”, but we want to provide people with the opportunity to experience the one thing that can bring hope and purpose to even the most difficult of lives, and that’s the presence of God.  This is why we focus so much on worship every Sunday, and why we provide opportunities in our LifeGroups to worship.  Because above all our ministries, programs and outreaches, ultimately, Pursuing God’s presence precedes all that we do.

Next week, we’ll look at the next of our values:  Building Relationships.


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