Calvary’s Core Values – Growing with Purpose

Today I’m continuing a series of posts on the core values at Calvary.  You can read the previous ones here. This next value is so crucial, but unfortunately often overlooked.  It is the conviction that we “Grow with Purpose.”  Our value is that “Growth is not a matter of chance, but of intention toward God’s purposes in our lives.” What that means is that growth doesn’t happen accidentally or by chance, by only by choice.

What does that practically look like in our church?  It means that we provide people with opportunities to take next steps, not assuming that they’ll just find them, but making them as simple and understandable as possible.  To see growth happen in our team, in our church and in our lives, it requires us to intentionally take the steps to grow.

To provide opportunities for growth we have two primary vehicles for spiritual growth:  LifeGroups and our Overflow Process.  We offer LifeGroups throughout the year on a semester basis.  These groups will meet on 8-12 week semesters, depending on the time of the year, and vary in topics from studies on books of the Bible to studies on how to handle your finances.  Regardless, they provide an easy first step for new believers to get connected and begin the process for growth.

The other avenue of growth is our Overflow Process.  This process consists of three 1.5 hour classes that are offered once a month in successive months.  One month we’ll offer our Experience 1.0 Class, which addresses the topic of Spiritual Health and Commitment.  This class is the only one necessary to become a Catalyst (Member) at Calvary.  The second class is our Embrace 2.0 Class, which deals with Spiritual Growth.  In this class, we discuss the need for spiritual disciplines and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives as believers.  The final class is our Express 3.0 Class which deals with Spiritual Gifts.  This class provides the opportunity for individuals to look inside and discover the very gifts God has given them, and how they can be used to serve the church and community.

Through both of these avenues, our goal is not to provide more “stuff” for people to do, but rather to provide clear and easy steps for people to take on their spiritual journey.  Because “Growth is not a matter of chance, but of intention toward God’s purposes in our lives.”

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