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This is an exciting time in history to live.  One of the greatest developments most recently in the church world is the concept of ‘Open-Sourced’ sermon resources. Some of the biggest and most successful churches in the nation are now making many of their resources available to any pastor or church for FREE to utilize!  It is the church being the Church and sharing the blessings God has given them with churches across the country and the world.  So now churches that can not afford to have a graphic designer or video director on staff, or are wondering how to do church better can have high-quality materials.  So with that said, below I’ve listed a collection the best free church resources from some of America’s best churches:

  • – This is the church that pioneered the idea of ‘Open-Sourcing’ sermon resources.  They have not only made available some very high-quality sermon resources, but their interface for accessing them is very easy to use!
  • Elevation Church – On February 5, 2006, Elevation opened its doors with 121 people attendance in the Providence High School Atrium. In just over three years, God has moved in amazing ways and has used Elevation to change thousands of lives in the Charlotte area. Elevation was recently recognized as the 4th Fastest Growing Church in America by Outreach Magazine.  Their resources are cutting edge and very relevant for a young, upcoming crowd!
  • North Point Community Church – North Point is one of the great churches in America, started by Andy Stanley.  Although this site does not have sermon resources, it does have some great ‘behind the scene’ resources ranging from small groups to assimilation to media.
  • – This isn’t a specific church, but still a collection of some quality sermon resources.
  • Vine Resources (Southeast Christian Church) – This site has some good resources and a really cool concept with their ‘Swag Bags’.
  • MCM Network – This is the network I work with and we’ve recently open-sourced all the resources we have from Allison Park Church and many of our church plants.

Are there additional sites you know of that aren’t listed here?

New MCM Website Launched

We are happy to announce the launch of our new MCM Network website! This site is designed to be a resource to pastors and church leaders.  There are a number of features to this site that we are so excited about.  Below I have listed a few of those features:

  • Sermon Resources (logos, graphics, videos)
  • Strategy Resources (governance, operational documents, etc.)
  • Listing of Upcoming Events/Trainings within the Network
  • Ministry Openings at our 16 MCM Network churches
  • Bios about each of our MCM churches

As a Network, we are committed to seeing our pastors, churches and church plants reach their full-potential.  Our churches are community-driven churches that strive to not simply build their church, but to build their community. If you’d like to visit our new website or get more information on the MCM Network, visit

Free Resources

Some of you may not have checked this out before, but I have a resources page on this site with various free resources for pastors and churches. I just added a few new resources – you can check it out here.

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