The Disease of Singleness (Part 2)

The assumption by many pastors is that if a person’s not married then something’s wrong with them. Whether that something is moral, relational, or maybe even spiritual. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in the New Testament, two of our greatest examples of ministry were single: Jesus and Paul. Although singleness poses its issues, so does marriage. A married person is just as open to moral failures as a single person. In fact, look over the last few decades. All the individuals that experienced moral failures in ministry were married. I am not trying to bad mouth marriage, just to stretch the thinking of those in ministry. Marriage is an institution that was created by God and is a holy, special occasion, but as a church can we open our eyes to this large faction of individuals and embrace them? Not look down on them as if they are second class – not apart of ‘the club’- but love them and involve for who they are, not who they could be if they were married?

I dream of a Church who sees that each person, each group is important to the whole. The children, the youth, the young adults, the singles, the adults, the seniors. They each have so many valuable things to bring into a church. Let’s not over focus on one group at the detriment of another, but to the best of our ability be the church God desires – one of diversity, of change, of transformation.

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