Unmarried & Unhindered in Ministry (Part 1)

A couple years ago I did a number of blog posts on Singleness & Ministry (here, here & here). Just wanted to add some additional thoughts over the next couple days. To start things off, though, I asked my friend Brad Leach to be a guest author on this topic. Here are his thoughts, enjoy!

How Singleness Affected my Ministry

On September 16, 2001, I launched a new church plant in Metro Detroit. I had been twenty-three for a little less than one week. And I was single.

There were moments during the next six years when being a bachelor felt like a liability. But I thank God for the opportunity to lead a church while I was still single.

Here are just four of the advantages I experienced.

  • Availability: Without the added responsibility of leading a family, I was able to pour an abundance of time and energy into leading our church.
  • Opportunity: There were many things I was free to do that are more difficult for me now that I’m married. For example, I took several mission trips, paid off my Jeep, started a graduate degree, spent my day off building friendships, and hung sports posters all over my house.
  • Growth: The loneliness I often felt forced me to confront several issues in my heart, and provided great motivation to develop greater intimacy with Jesus.
  • Patience: Waiting to meet my wife taught me one of the most valuable lessons in ministry. Patience, faithfulness, and purity always pay off.

Last week I celebrated my first wedding anniversary! I’m so happy I waited for Leah. But I’m also thankful that I didn’t have to wait on pursuing God’s ministry dream for my life.

2 thoughts on “Unmarried & Unhindered in Ministry (Part 1)

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  1. I agree completely Nick. It was great to have nearly 2.5 years in ministry as a single man. They were great times. There is something to be learned about time management and other priorities once you become married (Nov 1, 2008). I thoroughly enjoyed being single and now I look forward to ministry as a married man.


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