Well, it’s official. Last night I announced to my leaders and students that I will be moving in two weeks and will no longer be their youth pastor. The flood of emotion in such a decision and announcement is incredible. I feel like I’m leaving my family – those I’ve put my heart and soul into. But in the same respect, I am so certain that God is in this transition. I’m not leaving on bad terms or anything like that. And as sad as I am in leaving my students and leaders, I know God has a plan for them and am excited about what the future holds for me.

Here’s what that future is. I will be going on staff at Allison Park Church to work with Pastor Jeff Leake. I will be working with the Catalyst Group there and the network of church plants that they have established over these past few years. It is something I am very passionate about and am so blessed that I can do something for God that I truly love. So that’s where I’m at today – hope all is well with you!!

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