My Kids

Last night we had a cookout at my house. The feeling at the end of the night was so overwhelming. I have never been a father or anything like that, but as my kids left last night, I had such a proud, fatherly feeling for them. I think with the ‘CEO’ mentality that has taken hold in some churches, so many pastors have lost touch with those in their congregations. But really aren’t we as pastors meant to be fathers and mothers to those we’re leading, not CEO’s? Let me know what you think?

Check out all the pics here.

2 thoughts on “My Kids

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  1. Nick – what a great series of blog entries during your transition… way to go! You finished STRONG! I can’t wait to work with you and have you on our team her at AP


  2. very true sentiments nick.

    it’s sad that in the US, we’ve allowed pastors to be entrepreneurs and ceo’s of their respective “businesses”…and we wonder why so many men of God are falling by the wayside…my belief is that it’s because in a corporate mindset ethics are just guidelines, but in reality, in ministry, they are a matter of spiritual life and death.


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