What is a Neighborhood Group?

For those that attend APC or are curious about the new Neighborhood Groups I posted about a couple weeks ago. Here’s a brief synopsis of what they are and what they are not.

The idea of a Neighborhood conveys thoughts of family, unity and safety. Our goal with Neighborhood Groups is to create a sense of family and unity to bring those that are hurting in our communities into this safe place to experience healing & restoration through the power of God.


  • We are outreach-driven. The harvest is our purpose for existence.
  • We are single-minded: Reach the lost.
  • We are a community of believers committed to the cause of bringing eternal change to the neighborhoods we live in.
  • We are a group of people that accepts individuals as they are without stereotype or assumptions, but prays for God to take them to where they need to be.
  • Although we join together weekly, we do not exist for each other, we exist for those who are disconnected from God.
  • We are supportive and always strive for unity over victory.


  • We are not a church gossip club.
  • We are not a theological forum for debate.
  • We are not in this for ourselves.
  • We are not here to discuss our perspective of church, but rather God’s perspective of humanity.
  • We are not here to push our own agendas, but the gospel.
  • We are not a feel-good devotional Bible study.
  • Although we believe prayer is important, we are not a prayer group.

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