Pittsburgh is a Champion City!

Well, it’s now official – the Penguins are playing the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Having spent a summer in the Detroit area doing my internship I feel qualified to give my “10 Reasons Why the Red Wings are Going to Lose”:

  1. The Red Wings have the highest average age of any NHL team – 31.6!
  2. The Red Wings are from…Detroit.  Enough said.
  3. Their fans throw octopus on the ice – the closest body of water to Detroit is Lake Erie – there are no octopus in Lake Erie!!
  4. The Pens have Crosby and Malkin – the Red Wings have Zetterberg and Franzen (those names will never be household names-most people can’t even pronounce them!).
  5. The Red Wings can’t even sell out their arena for playoff games!
  6. Detroit has Michigan-Lefts (sorry, still a deep frustration!).
  7. Detroit’s top scorer, Johan Franzen, has been out since the Red Wings 2nd round against the Colorado Avalanche – compare this to the the Pens whose first two lines are led by two of the top hockey players in the world (40 points in 14 postseason games)!
  8. The Penguins not only have a high-powered offense, they also allow an NHL-best 1.86 goals per game.
  9. The Red Wings have stumbled into the Finals barely beating the Dallas Stars.  While the Penguins have dominated every team they’ve played throughout the playoffs!
  10. With the Red Wings aging, the Pens have seen a lot of success throwing in their ‘secret weapon’ – the 4th line.  This has kept them fresh and quick at the end of the game – something that can surely frustrate the rAging Red Wings!

With that all said, Pittsburgh fans are out in force.  While I don’t doubt Detroit has a few dedicated fans, we are Pittsburgh and we travel!  So look out Detroit – the black and gold are invading!!

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