Transforming a City

This morning I continued the ‘God of this City’ series at Allison Park Church. It was my first time speaking at APC and I really enjoyed it. In case you weren’t there (which most of you probably weren’t), here’s a quick rundown of the message:

TEXT: Acts 16:9-30

  • Obedience is the result of a choice.
    • Obedience doesn’t just happen – we have to be intentional about it.
  • Transformation flows out of a life of obedience.
    • As we step out in obedience, God will begin to use us to transform our city, our communities and our families.
  • Transformation happens one life at a time.
    • Jesus didn’t die for a faceless mass of humanity – he died for you and I. For individuals. And that’s how he will transform our city, one person at a time.
  • The main action point was this: God wants to transform our city and He’s going to do so through each of us.

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  1. Great message this morning Nick…You made the heavens jump and rejoice….and all who heard your message this morning were BLESSED!! Good job..”KID”…Ha!!!


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