The Ideal Church Planting Team

In the church planting world, there is often a debate as to what are the most necessary roles to have filled when launching a church. These roles would include a lead church planter (obviously!), a teaching pastor, a kid’s ministry leader, a worship leader, an outreach coordinator, an administrator, a youth leader, an assimilation coordinator (guest services, greeting, etc.), a set-up/tear-down coordinator, and the list can go on and on. For those of you currently in the church planting world, I’d like to hear what your thoughts are on this list. Now I understand these can vary based on your context and target audience, but here’s my top 5 in order of priority:

  1. Lead Church Planter/Teaching Pastor – I know it’s kind of obvious, but there is sometimes question as to which comes first, the vision on the planter? I would say that can depend, but ultimately the vision is useless without the leader planter.
  2. Worship Leader – In a traditional church service model, having a worship leader is huge. It is difficult (not impossible) to invite people to a service and expect them to connect without somewhat descent worship and relevant, biblical teaching.
  3. Administrator – I’m becoming increasingly convinced that this is huge. Most planters have big vision and are incredibly passionate – their one weakness, though, is filling in the detail. An administrator helps execute and administrate the detail of the planter’s vision.
  4. Kid’s Ministry Leader – In our church planting context, we are striving to reach families of some sort. This means kids and therefore it’s important to have a ministry for those kids. Many of you have probably heard the statistics that state nearly half of all Christians in America did so before the age of 13. Kid’s are so impressionable and the impact you can make in their lives is incredible!
  5. Assimilation/Discipleship Coordinator – It’s great getting people through the doors, but that’s not really our ultimate goal (at least I hope not!). We ultimately are called to create disciples – this is the big ‘wow’ position, but it is the big ‘impact’ position. Without this, we’re just putting on a good show every week.

What do you think? Would you add a different role to this list?  What order would you put them in?

6 thoughts on “The Ideal Church Planting Team

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  1. Great insight into the “Poole” of church planting! We have been believing and praying for those same five staff positions to launch with in 2010 + a student ministries director and associate pastor (could be considered a teaching pastor – depending on his/her specified role). What a dynamic team it would be! Can’t wait to see what God does!


  2. Nick Assimilation has a bad tone, it means to make people “like” you, as in almost brain washing them. Do you think you and all of your creativity could come up with a better name for all of us who do that type of thing?


  3. Hi Nick,
    Saw you stopped by mine blog. Thought I would check yours out. Very nice site! I am a church planter in Valdosta, Georgia. ( ) Anyway, God is moving in the most unbelievable way.

    I would not forget to add youth/college/student pastor to your list. Many of those we have reached in our community are coming because of their kids coming first. Just a thought. Anyway, thanks for stopping by..I will stay in touch. ~ Peace bro!


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