Building Your Team Past a Church’s Launch

Yesterday I posted about the ‘Ideal Church Planting Team‘.  Today I’d like to discuss what roles need to be added following the launch.  Yes, between these two lists there a lot of leaders – a lead pastor shouldn’t feel the pressure to fill every role in a short period of time.  They need to be filled over a period of time, but this does communicate something that is crucial to the growth of a church – leadership development.  With that said, here’s the ‘Post-Launch Team’ roles you want to keep on your radar in no specific order:

  • Outreach Coordinator – In our network, this role is by a church’s Network of Hope Coordinator, but regardless of what you call it, it’s important to have someone helping to organize outreaches and networking in your community.
  • Youth Pastor/Leader – Depending on your context and community, as a church growths the need for someone to organize age-specific ministry for teenagers will become increasingly important.
  • Media/Tech Coordinator – Having a person to focus on media needs (video, graphics, etc.) will help a church present a more professional image to the community.  It can also assist you in communicating the gospel in a more relevant and understandable way.

The list can go on and on, but these are just a few key roles that you’ll want to keep in front of you as your church begins to move out of the ‘church plant’ stage.

Are there additional roles you would add?

3 thoughts on “Building Your Team Past a Church’s Launch

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  1. I have been in a church plant that put media at the top of it’s list. There has been a media coordinator since day one. The influence media has had in our services and community, even in the pre-launch, has been priceless. I would venture to say that, if possible, the techy dude should be on board from the beginning. That person and their resources can make a huge impact in the community outreaches and vision nights by using their creativity to edit video, graphics, promo stuff, etc! Of course, this is all saying that you have the right person who has the same heart and vision for your community!


  2. Good thought Jack!! I would agree with you in most settings! I guess our setting is somewhat unique. Planting in depressed communities, we’re not as ‘tech-savy’ as most would be. Also, with the MCM network, we provide all the graphic design for the church plants as they launch. If that wasn’t available, though, I would say you definitely need to consider a tech/media coordinator near the top of your list.


  3. Very good point Nick! You really do have to consider the specific conditions of your community and launch model when thinking about the positional priorities of your church. What a blessing the MCM is to the pastors and new churches!


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