Community-Driven Ministry (Part 2)

Continuing my previous post on community-driven ministry, one of the factors that will determine your expression of ministry is who has a voice into your life. Those you listen to, read, or follow will have a huge impact into your expression of ministry. That’s where setting your priorities as a church and ministry comes into play.

To be a community-driven ministry, you have to establish what your priorities are and are not. These priorities along with a church’s ministry setting establish a unique expression of ministry. To be most effective in that expression, it is important that a pastor strives to follow ministers with similar expressions. For example, if a church is reaching out into the inner city of Philadelphia and has a heart to restore drug addicts, their expression of ministry is probably going to be vastly different that of Joel Osteen, Andy Stanley or Mark Driscoll. That doesn’t discount the ministries of these men, it’s just that the methods of expressing the truth of the gospel are different.

Now, one side note: I still think it’s important to gain insight from outside perspectives. What I’m talking about is those you model your ministry after and strive to be like.

So to be community-driven, you need to listen to the podcasts of those that are doing ministry in a similar context, read books from authors that are pushing you toward that context, and follow blogs of those that will challenge how you view your community. Because in the end, it’s not about being cool, hip, missional, or even progressive – it’s about transforming a community.

How are you doing with that?

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