Being stuck can be frustrating.  If you’ve ever had your car stuck in snow or mud, you know the frustration that follows the moment you realize you can’t get out.  Being stuck is not unique to simply driving, though.  It also happens on our spiritual journey.  As we pursue God’s best for our lives, there are moments that we find ourselves spinning our wheel hoping to eventually move forward again.  Avoiding these ‘stuck’ moments can be difficult, but there are practices commonly referred to as ‘spiritual disciplines’ that help keep us on solid ground and positioned in a place to continue to receive from God.

Spiritual Disciplines are items that are not necessarily spelled out in scripture, although they can be very important in our spiritual development.  They don’t move the hand of God in our direction, but rather move us in God’s direction.  There are numerous spiritual disciplines, some of the more common ones are prayer, scripture reading, journaling, fasting, solitude, among others.  The word ‘discipline’ makes these sound very uninviting, but rather than disciplines, think of them as spiritual catalysts.  They help propel you forward in the direction God created you to walk.

So if you find yourself stuck today, what one ‘catalyst’ can you start to do to propel you forward?

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