Calvary’s Core Values – A Creative Approach

Today we continue looking at our Core Values at Calvary.  You can read all the posts in this series here.  This week, we are looking at value of taking “A Creative Approach.”

One of the more unfortunate things that has happened in the Pentecostal, or Spirit-filled church movement, over the last half century is the gradual decline of creativity within the church.  What is sad is that churches that claim to be Spirit-filled have often eliminated and shunned the creatives of their community.  But if we truly believe that the Holy Spirit is the most creative being in the Universe, then as Spirit-filled people, we should naturally be creative.

This doesn’t mean we change, alter or edit the message of scripture, but rather that we continually update and adapt our methods.  In fact, the core of what we believe about creativity is that “The unchanging message of scripture calls for ever-changing methods.”  To continue to communicate a timeless message, we have to be willing to allow for creative approaches to ministry.  And not creativity that takes away from the message, but rather creativity that enhances the message.

Because of this we as a church strive to create opportunities for creativity to be encouraged.  From music, to design, lighting or other artistic expressions.  My conviction is that worship isn’t simply something we do on Sunday as we sing, but it’s what we do each day as we embrace the creativity within us and express it to the world around us.  

My hope for you, and for the church we are daily creating is that it is a place where creatives feel welcomed, and are given the opportunity to express their creativity for the glory of the One that created us.


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