Calvary’s Core Values – Focusing Outward

Over the last couple months, I’ve been posting about our Core Values at Calvary.  If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, you can read them all here.  This week, we finish up this series looking at “Focusing Outward.”  

I’ve often found that the longer a church exists, the easier it is to focus inward.  After a while, the passion of a new church wears off, the burden for reaching those far from God begins to diminish, and the greatest concern becomes comfort rather than impact.  In fact, this is the normal path for any human endeavor.  Without vision and clear direction, we will always find ourselves drifting toward what’s most comfortable.  Whether that’s a workout routine, a building project or even a church.  The great tragedy with a church, though, is that by focusing inward rather than outward, actual lives are affected.  In fact, when we focus inward, essentially what we’re saying is:

  • …my life has more value than those outside the church walls.
  • …I’ve come to a place spiritually where reaching the lost is no longer important to me.
  • …God values my satisfaction over someone else’s salvation.

Churches that remain inward focused will find themselves in a very comfortable, me-centered environment, that is on a path toward extinction.

At Calvary, however, our desire is to be “Outward Focused.”  And what we mean, and what we are passionate about is that: “The church exists to take the message of Christ inside its walls to the world outside its walls.”

As a church, my prayer is that we don’t become so comfortable that we miss the truth that we were once outside those walls in need of a Savior.  Jesus gave us the command to go and make disciples.  Our greatest mission as a church is to fulfill that very command of Christ.  Through our resources, ministries and programs, we strive to take this great message of the gospel outside our walls into our community, throughout our region, and around the world.  The moment we stop focusing outward will be the moment we stop fulfilling our mission to “Lead people into an overflowing life with Christ.”

This is why it is so crucial that we continue to Pursue God’s Presence, that we make Building Relationships a priority, that we understand the importance to Grow with Purpose, that we become unquestionably passionate about Giving Generously, that we continue to Serve with Excellence, that we grasp the importance in an ever-changing culture to adopt a Creative Approach, that we never forget the responsibility to Reach the Next Generation because as a church, we are called to continually Focus Outward with the life-changing message of Christ!

Join us on that journey – it’s not an easy one, but I can tell you God is preparing us as a church to be a force in the Kingdom of God!

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  1. Good job getting all the values into one sentence and connecting them as a chain to the ultimate goal – spreading the message of Christ.


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