Choosing to Compare

When it comes to leadership, playing the comparison game can be dangerous.  I’ve never seen anything good come from comparing what you’re doing, and what God is doing through you, with what someone else is doing in another place.  It usually results in either pride or guilt…neither of which God wants for you.  This is why God has uniquely gifted you and your team to accomplish the unique vision he has for your location, not for somewhere else.  But there is a type of comparison that can actually be really healthy.  The healthy way to compare is when we compare our current selves with our former selves, or our team now with where our team was.

In fact, this type of comparison is what drives progress, improvement and growth.  This is comparing apples with apples, as opposed to apples to oranges.  It’s taking what you have done and holding it up to what you are doing, which gives opportunity to tangibly gauge growth and progress.

In fact, when we don’t take time to compare like this, we can run the risk of stagnating…continuing the ‘same old, same old’ and never developing beyond where we already are.

On the other hand, when we do compare, we’re able to celebrate progress.  And progress is often difficult to notice in our day-to-day activity.  But when we step back we see the growth that has taken place.

Not only that, but when we compare, we’re able to identify areas of needed growth.  There might be areas of weakness that you’ve become oblivious to, but seeing where you are now in comparison to where you’ve been, can oftentimes open your eyes too much needed change.

And the last thing that can happen when we compare, is we’re able to further clarify where we’re going.  If you’re leading your team into mayhem, your trends will show it.  If you’re leading your team to a place of greater growth, the trends will show it.

Comparing can be a dangerous and destructive thing.  But when you compare yourself with yourself, or your team with where your team’s been, it can be a very healthy and rewarding activity, and one that can lead you to an even greater place of growth!

Take sometime right now and compare where you were last year, or where your team was last year.

  • What can you learn from where you’ve come?
  • In what you see, what needs to change today?
  • What can you celebrate, and how can you celebrate it?

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