Geauga Lake

Yesterday I took the Norwin Middle School Bible Club to their annual Geauga Lake trip. What a blast!! It’s sad to think it was my last time, but we had a whole van load – so that made it that much better. If you’re not familiar with Bible Clubs in a public school, they are student led. And I have been blessed to have two awesome student leaders lead this club the last two years, Faith Kennedy & Paige McCarron. Having them yesterday made the whole trip so easy. They set everything up, even down to how much money we needed to charge each student so we had money for gas, tolls & parking. That’s one thing I will miss, is working with incredible students like Faith & Paige!! So often adults write off teenagers as if they are useless until they turn 18, but that is definitely not true!

Here’s a slide show from the trip out there and back.

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  1. Pastor nick! omw you have no clue how much that just ment! i love u so much! i’m gonna miss u! and speaking for both of us we are gald to help u out with anything! u’ve done so much u deserved it!!

    i love u



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