Half-Hearted Ministry

This week was such a memorable week. Starting here at Allison Park and then jumping right into an incredible time at the Pastor’s Roundtable with close to 100 pastors from around the country. The presence of God was amazing and the speakers didn’t disappoint either. Tuesday night we had a good time of prayer and I believe God spoke things into each of our lives. Something God was speaking to me and has been all this week is to put my heart into whatever I’m doing.

There is nothing worse than doing heartless, mindless work. It wears on you and usually does more harm than good. But God has not called us to a life of heartless, mindless work. He desires that we put are all, our heart and energy into our ministry. It’s our calling and our destiny. As a leader, though, we can often see our hearts pulled in so many different directions. Our hearts become partitioned off to where no longer are we passionate about one thing, but rather we’re half-hearted in many things.

The verse that God brought to my mind is the passage in 1 Samuel 14:7 where Jonathan’s armor-bearer says to him, “Do all that you have in mind…Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” When my life is one day taken from me, I want to be known as a person of heart and passion. A person that put their all into everything they did. What is your passion? Is your heart in your passion or have you allowed it to be pulled in other directions?

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I don’t believe God calls us to do busywork or just get comfortable doing our “church thing”. He wants us to go for it with all that we’ve got.


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