CityReach – BridgePoint Church

Last night we had our block party at BridgePoint Church, which is the new church plant we are launching this spring. The church will be meeting in a boxing gym in Tarentum called the James 5:16 Center. They have about 25 adutls meeting weekly right now and after last night, there’s no doubt that God is ready to do something awesome in this community!! We had over 140 people there enjoying the free food, the band, a few rounds of sparring, giveaways and of course the pastors, Greg and Francie Krowitz! It was so cool seeing people just pouring down the hill towards the James 5:!6 Center throughout the night. There is such a huge need in this community for Bible-believing Church. As I was walking the community the couple days before inviting people I saw three different church buildings closed, boarded up and for sale! If that doesn’t show the need, I don’t know what does! If you don’t know Greg and Francie, here’s a little pamphlet we made up to let people know a little about them!

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