Vacation Wrap-Up

Well, I’m now officially back – it’s been an eventful vacation. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • I had a blast in Chicago! Got to eat some Chicago-Style Pizza and hang out with a great friend, Mike!! To top it all off, Mike gave me an extra cell phone he had. Now this isn’t just any cell phone, it’s an AT&T Tilt – yeah, my cool points just went through the roof!
  • While in Chicago, I also had the opportunity to visit two incredible churches: Orchard Valley Community Church and Community Christian Church and meet with the church planting director from Community Christian, Jon Ferguson. They are doing some awesome things through their New Thing Network!
  • After spending some great time in Chicago, I jumped in a minivan with my cousins and drove the whole way to Scranton, PA for a family reunion this past weekend. We had an awesome time as the theme for the weekend was ‘Retro’. Enjoy the pic of my cousins and I in our ‘retro’ outfits!

    (Left to Right: Carissa Hodson, Me, Alicia & Chris Krestel, Tasha Poole, Rachel Lowans, Alisha & Todd Lowans)
  • One sad note from this past week is my grandmother, Lois Kasparek, had a heart attack on Friday when we arrived in Scranton. Sadly, she passed away yesterday morning – I’ll have more on this later in the week.
  • As I mentioned, it was quite an eventful vacation – God is so good! He always knows exactly what we need when we need it! Now it’s back to joining our awesome MCM team in transforming our city!

If you’d like to see more pics, you check them out on Facebook here.

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