Order in the Midst of Chaos

Today I went for a short walk in a local park, as I enjoy doing when its nice out and I have a day off.  As I was walking and pondering the greatness of God’s creation it struck me how chaotic nature appears.  There are weeds and branches and trees going every which way.  Fallen trees laying here and there.  It doesn’t seem to be very organized and yet in the midst of all this apparent chaos, God’s fingerprint rests. If you were to look deeper you would see an organizational structure to each of these plants that will trump any creation of mankind.

It is really a microcosm of life.  In the midst of our chaos and busyness, God is there. Although it sometimes seems as if chaos & confusion has won the battle.  If you look deeper, God’s peace can be found even in the midst of the greatest chaos.

In the midst of the busyness of your life, do you find peace?

One thought on “Order in the Midst of Chaos

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  1. You are right, Nick. Despite a downturn in our economy & all the bleak economic forcasts, I am at rest, knowing that God is fully in control.
    There have been changes at work that I don’t like. People that I know have changed for the worst. I have gotten physically sick. Things at church aren’t working as planned.
    But just like Job was anchored on the Lord, I want my peace to stem from Him as well.
    “Heaven & earth will pass away, but My Word will not pass away!”


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