Exponential: Randy Pope – Breakout Session 2, “Spiritual Disciplines of Reproducing Churches”

I finally was able to get access to the wireless here, so I should be live blogging the rest of the day!  Feel free to follow along and join in the experience!

Randy Pope is the pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA.

  • We can reproduce churches without spiritual disciplines, but we reproduce who we are.  If we’re going to reproduce health we need spiritual disciplines.
  • Our target in discipling people should be a mature and equipped follower of Christ.

1. The present day church, for the most part, has embraced an ineffective plan for making disciples in Jesus Christ.

2. Life on life laboring in the lives of a few is God’s master plan in making mature disciples of Christ.

  • How is this done today?  With life on life missional discipleship.  This has to be a part of your DNA.
    • Life on life missional discipleship must have a suitable life product.
    • This person must be intentional in imparting that life product.
    • You do the right things to impart that life product.


T: Truth
E: Equipping – Evaluating experiences in the context of relationship.  Training without coaching is a waste of time.
A: Accountability
M: Mission
– Getting people involved in missional life.
S: Supplication – Praying with each other and for each other. 


  • What structure do you use to implement this approach? 
    • Start with just a couple groups and model it.
  • How have you instilled this idea of ‘Life on Life’ into your staff or leaders?
    • There is an expectation with the leaders that they need to be involved in this process.
  • How do you plant churches rapidly when you have a slower approach to discipleship like this?
    • You instill this into the DNA of the church plants.
  • What is the ideal size of one of these groups?
    • 4-10

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