Update on Millvale

photoJust wanted to share an update with everyone that’s following the plant of our newest church in Millvale. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Rich & Jodi Jones have come on staff at APC and are now leading Millvale Matter’s weekly meetings. (On a side note, I can’t say enough about the incredible job Tim & Kristi Spencer did with this group in preparing it for Rich & Jodi to step in!) photo-1

The group has outgrown their original location (Subway) and are now meeting in the Millvale Community Center. Last night Millvale Matters had their ‘Thanksgiving Feast’ together at the community center. They had 31 people come out and had a great time hanging out!! Great things are happening in Millvale and I’m so excited to see what God is going to do in this community!

For those taking note, they will be launching monthly services this upcoming April and will have their Grand Opening in August. Continue to keep them in your prayers!!

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